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Super bowl Sunday will be on Sunday night Feb. 4th. The youth will be hosting our annual Super bowl party in the youth room and we'll have the game showing on the big screen. For our main dish this year, we would like to make different types of soup. If you have a good soup recipe you would like to share with us, there will be a sign up sheet in the church lobby. Please sign your name and the type and soup you'll be bringing. You're also welcome to bring any appetizer or desert you would like to share with everyone. Everyone from the church is invited to join us.



Sun., Jan. 21:      9:15   Prayer Room

                            9:45   Sunday School

                           11:00   Worship Service

                            5:00   Ladies' Bible Study in old fellowship hall

                            6:00   CIA Meeting

                            6:00   Youth Small Group

                            6:00   Evening Service


Mon., Jan. 22:  10:00   Sit 'n Stitch


Wed., Jan. 24:    5:30   Supper

                            6:00   Awana

                            6:30   Youth Meeting

                            6:30   Adult Prayer & Discipleship                                              

                            7:30   Adult Choir Practice


Thur. Jan. 25:    10:00   ACSO Active Shooter Seminar @FBC




this week's    Birthdays




January 26 - Misty Moore

              27 - Katherine Pack                                                                       






Nursery Workers



January 21

Matthew & Holly Lecroy



January 28

Thomas & Ann Garrett


Nursery Coordinator:  Shandi Pack (982-3302)










Dale Bell (847-7295)




Wednesday Night 1/24/18

                                         Adults                                           Children

                                         Beef Tips over Rice                        Spaghettios

                                         Vegetable                                      Garlic Bread




               Regular Wednesday Night Schedule

                                           5:30pm                                     Supper

                                           6:00pm                                     Awana

                                           6:30pm                                     Youth Meeting

                                           6:30pm                                     Adult Prayer & Discipleship

                                           7:15pm                                     Adult Choir Rehearsal




HOMEBOUND                  Marcelle Barr

OF THE WEEK                     Call office for address                                                 




January 14, 2017


Sunday School                                                                                                      100

Budget                                                                                                       $4,795.00

Building Fund - In Memory                                                                              110.00

Cross Vision Intl                                                                                                 50.00

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering                                                                       10.00

Operation Care                                                                                                 37.00

PBA - deficit                                                                                                    100.00


Total Offering                                                                                          $  5,102.00


Budget Income to date:                                                     $11,301.00

Budget Disbursements to date                                          $23,096.61

Operating Budget:                                                           $28,420.63

Contributions given to the Building Fund

In Memory of Grady Staton,

Jane Rogers & Charles Creamer. 



Pastoral Search Vote

Pastor's Job Description

This Sunday, January 21st, we will vote in the morning service on the job description of the Pastor.  Below is that description:


Qualifications:   A minimum of a Master's Degree in theology, evangelism, Christian studies, or other related studies from a Southern Baptist University or Seminary.  Doctoral Degree preferred.  The successful candidate will adhere to Biblical teachings in both his personal life and in his professional ministries; maintain prayerful communion with God; study the Bible daily; have a strong theological understanding of how to lead and teach; and demonstrate a strong working knowledge of scripture for worship, evangelism, and counseling.


Primary Responsibilities:

Provide spiritual leadership to members and staff of Williamston First Baptist Church.

Prepare weekly sermons, preach, and conduct worship that captures the essence of Biblical vision or arrange for someone to perform these functions.

Interpret Biblical scripture for the congregation.

Provide faith-based care and counseling to church members and assist them in crisis situations.

Officiate at special services such as Baptism, The Lord's Supper, baby dedications, weddings, and funerals.

Collaborate with Church staff to integrate their respective functions into Church ministries.

Visit members and encourage church members and staff to visit those in our Church and community who are hospitalized, shut-in at home, or in nursing homes.

Participate actively in Palmetto Baptist Association, South Carolina Baptist Convention, and other ministry opportunities as they arise.

Organize and implement an ongoing orientation for new members.

Proclaim the gospel and lead the staff and Church in community outreach and visitation.

Represent the Church in the community and at civic functions.

Provide oversight to the Mission Development Team in planning Mission efforts involving travel.

Provide input to the Deacons in the preparation and administration of the Church's budget.

Oversee daily activity of Church Staff.

Assist the Personnel Committee in dealing with staff conflict, preparation of job descriptions, performance evaluations, hiring, and terminating staff members.

Serve as Moderator of Church Business Meetings.

Lead the Church Council in coordinating and evaluating the six ministries of the Church

Other duties which may be assigned from time-to-time.




Bible Study

Our next on-going, bi-weekly Friday night Bible study with Jim Reeves will meet on Friday, January 19th.  We'll  continue our verse by verse study through the book of Daniel. The study begins at 7:00 pm and will meet in the old fellowship hall.  




Women's Winter Bible Study

Defiant Joy!

At this cold and dreary time of year, what would be better than a good joyful Bible study.  Join us as we study about God's joy with Candace Payne.  A 6-week study, Defiant Joy!, will begin this Sunday, January 21st at 5pm in the old fellowship hall.  Sign up in the vestibule or down stairs at the WMU bulletin board.  Books must be ordered so please call or text Vicki Lewis if you are interested.




Words to Ponder

In his book David and Goliath, Malcolm Gladwell documents the lives of many successful leaders and entrepreneurs who succeed not in spite of challenges and suffering in life but because of them. He calls this phenomenon "the advantage of disadvantage." Gladwell cites a study from City, University of London that notes that a third of highly successful entrepreneurs are dyslexic (e.g., Richard Branson, Charles Schwab, and Paul Orfalea). Researcher Sharon Thompson-Schill recalls speaking at a prominent university donors' meeting filled with successful business people, and when she asked how many of them had been diagnosed with a learning disorder, half of the hands went up. Gladwell's insight on this is profound:

There are two possible interpretations for this fact. One is that this remarkable group of people triumphed in spite of their disability: they are so smart and so creative that nothing—not even a lifetime of struggling with reading—could stop them. The second, more intriguing, possibility is that they succeeded, in part, because of their disorder—that they learned something in their struggle that proved to be of enormous advantage.

Mark Clark, The Problem of God (Zondervan, 2017), pages 120-121