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There will be no Awana or Youth Service on Wednesday evening, Nov. 21st.


Sun., Nov. 18: 9:15 Prayer Room

9:45 Sunday School

11:00 Worship Service

6:00 CIA Meeting

6:00 Youth Small Group

6:00 Evening Service

Wed., Nov. 21: No Evening Service or Activities

Thu., Nov. 22: Church Offices Closed



this week's    Birthdays

        November 20 - David Crawford

21 - Lily Stone

23 - Hailey Gates

Katie Haning

Shandi Pack

24 - Sunny Allen





Nursery Workers


November 18

Richard & Karolin Meade

November 25

Kelley Atkins & Sylvia Rogers

Nursery Coordinator: Shandi Pack (982-3302)



Jimmy Haning (940-0097)




Wednesday Night Supper 11/14/18

Adults Children

Turkey/Dressing/Gravy Pizza

Cranberry Sauce



Wednesday Night 11/21

Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday, we will not be having any services or activities on this evening. Please enjoy your time with family at this time of year.

Wednesday Night  Schedule

                                                    5:30pm         Supper

                                                    6:00pm         Awana Activities

                                                    6:30pm         Youth Meeting

                                                    6:30pm         Adult Prayer & Discipleship

                                                    7:15pm         Choir Rehearsal




HOMEBOUND                    Ruth Freeman

OF THE WEEK                     Call office for address                                                 





NOVEMBER 11, 2018

Sunday School 99

Budget $4,208.95

Back Pack 50.00

Cross Vision International 300.00

Operation Care 15.13

Thanksgiving Meals 100.00

Reimbursements 408.00

Bereavement Meals $ 12.00

Wed PM Supper 396.00

Total Offering $ 5,082.08

Budget Income to date: $308,737.69

Budget Disbursements to date: $299,758.85

Operating Budget: $49,162.70

WMU Prisoner Packet Project

The WMU is finishing packing their Prisoner Packets for this year. We are still in need of a couple of items. If you can provide any number of these things, please drop them off by Tuesday, November 20th, on the 2nd floor of the church in the WMU room or leave them in the church office. We are in need of 6 oz (or larger) toothpaste and Jr. legal pads up to 5”x 8” ( no wire bound). Thank you for your help.

Nominating Committee Vote

On Sunday, Nov. 25th, we will be voting on the Nominating Committee for the upcoming year. You will have the opportunity to vote on 5 people to serve. We will then comprise a list of the top ten (10) names for future vote. Please prayerfully consider who you should nominate for this important role within our church.

Friday Night Bible Study

We will continue our Friday night Bible study in the Book of Revelation with Jim Reeves on Friday, December 7th. We meet bi-weekly on Fridays.  Make plans to join us at 7pm for a deeper look into this interesting and informative book in the Bible.


Blessings and Bows Winterfest

Mark your calendars for Saturday, Dec. 8th. We are having a fundraising even for the summer mission trip to Guatemala. Blessings and Bows Winterfest will include popular craft vendors as well as a booth of handmade crafts made by church members, a hot dog sale, bake sale and Mr. & Mrs. Claus.

If you have handmade items you would like to donate, please contact Beth Watkins or Gail Crowe. We will also need bake sale items and will post a sign up sheet in the lobby of the sanctuary. Thank you in advance for your support of and prayers for the success of this event.

 Email Changes

We are having trouble with being able to access the church's email at If you need to contact the church via email, for the time being, please send emails to We're sorry for any inconvenience, especially if you have sent an email and we've not responded.


Flower Calendar

The 2019 "flower calendar" has been placed in the hallway outside of the church office. If you would like to place flowers in the sanctuary "In Memory" or "In Honor" of someone during this next year, please complete the information on the calendar. Be sure to leave a phone number in case Kim or a member of the Flower Committee has any questions and should need to contact you. Flowers should be placed in the church preferably by Saturday evening. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Flower Committee: Ann Bell, Rita Brown, Regina Grizzle, Darlene Newton, Gail Reeves or Robin Starnes.

Baby Shower

Date Change

Due to an impending move for the Lawrence's, we have moved the baby shower date to Sunday, January 6th, as they welcome Abel. It will still be in the CLC from 2-4pm. They are registered at Target and Amazon.

Guatemala Mission Trip 2019

The mission trip to Guatemala is being postponed until the summer of 2019. Please contact a member of the mission committee if you would like to go. A non-refundable deposit of $300.00 is due by the end of December. Fundraising plans are underway and our goal is to cover the remainder of the expense. If you have any questions, contact Gail Crowe, Beth Watkins, Ray Bunton or Diane Lopez.

Words to Ponder

One day, as I assisted a surgeon, he had me reach into the patient's chest and turn his heart so he could work on it from a better angle. As I gingerly swiveled it, he asked, "How does it feel to hold a man's beating heart in your hand?" In spite of our manipulations, the man's heart kept thumping as billions of tiny heart cells communicated and coordinated their activities.

The cells in your heart rhythmically contract in unity, acting together to produce a heartbeat. If these living cells are separated from the heart in a test tube, they will instinctively continue beating, but not in coordination with each other. If the cells are brought back in contact with one another, the instant they touch, their contractions again become synchronized.

That is the nature of heart cells. Individual heart cells cannot accomplish their God-given function alone. They were designed to be one of many cells in one heart. While they serve a unique function in the body, they are not useful if they don't communicate and coordinate their efforts. If the members of an entire body don't communicate, life is not possible. A single heart cell working alone cannot pump blood to the body, no matter how hard it tries. It needs the other cells to fulfill its purpose.

This is a consistent pattern found in all living bodies. The only way a body can survive is through its many members working together. All living bodies have communication among the members.

So in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others- Romans 12:5.

Ron Bryce, The Fingerprint of God (Brown Christian Press, 2018), Pages 55-56