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Following the evening service on Nov. 26th, the youth and C.I.A. will sponsor a pancake supper to help raise money for the Lottie Moon Christmas offering. As soon as the service is over, join us in the CLC for pancakes and bacon. 



Sun., Nov. 19:      9:15   Prayer Room

                            9:45   Sunday School

                           11:00   Morning Worship Service

                            6:00   CIA Meeting

                            6:00   Youth Meeting

                            6:00   Evening Service         


Wed., Nov. 22:              No Evening Activities or Meetings


Thur., Nov. 23:              Church Offices Closed - Holiday


Fri., Nov. 24:                 Church Offices Closed






this week's    Birthdays



        November 20 - David Crawford

                           21 - Lily Stone

                           23 - Katie Haning

                                  Shandi Pack

                          24 - Sunny Allen                                                             





Nursery Workers



November 19

Eric &Lisa Porter



November 26

Misty Crocker & Charlie Watkins









Joe McAbee (845-9048)



Wednesday Night 11/15/17

Adults                                           Children

                                        Spaghetti                                        Same

                                        Tossed Salad

                                        Garlic Bread



Wednesday November 22nd

Please make a note that we will not have Supper, Awana or an Evening Service.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving with family around the table.


Wednesday Night Schedule

                                           5:30pm                                     Supper

                                           6:00pm                                     Awana

                                           6:30pm                                     Youth Meeting

                                           6:30pm                                     Adult Prayer & Discipleship

                                           7:15pm                                     Adult Choir Rehearsal




HOMEBOUND                  Ed & Juanita Vandiver

OF THE WEEK                     Call office for address                                                 




November 12, 2017


Sunday School                                                                                               97

Budget                                                                                              $6,022.00

Building Fund - Reg. and In Memory                                                      52.00

Back Pack Ministry                                                                                  50.00

Cross Vision Intl                                                                                        34.00

Operation Care                                                                                     124.00

WMU: Shoes/Socks                                                                            200.00

Reimbursements                                                                                     351.00

            Bereavement Meals        $     81.00

            Children: Awana                    10.00

            Wed PM Suppers                 260.00


Total Offering                                                                                  $6,833.00


Budget Income to date:                                                                $42,691.00

Budget Disbursements to date                                                     $45,323.87

Operating Budget:                                                                       $23,259.74


Contributions given this week to the the Budget,

Building Fund and WMU:Shoes

 In Memory of Jimmy Ellison.



Proposed By-Law Changes

Our proposed by-law changes were announced in the service last Sunday and are now in writing and will be passed out this Sunday in your bulletin.  We will vote on these changes in the morning service.




WMU Shoes/Socks Project

Urgent Plea

Many children in our local schools are living in need of the very basic things in life - things we take for granted.  For the last 3 years, our WMU has provided at least 100 pairs of new shoes to assure that no child goes to school in flip flops or worn out shoes.  This year, we are very far below our goal.  Please consider purchasing new shoes ( sizes 2 - 9, for boys and girls ) or we can use gently used shoes.  Thank you for support of this ministry.  Contact Mary Anne Bunton, Gail Crowe, Ann Bell, Misty Moore, Gail Strickland or Kathy Burgher with any questions.



Bible Study

Our next on-going, bi-weekly Friday night Bible study with Jim Reeves will meet Friday, December 1st.. We'll  continue our verse by verse study through the book of Daniel. The study begins at 7:00 pm and will meet in the old fellowship hall.  The next study will be on December 15th.



Wedding Shower

Everyone is invited to a couple's wedding shower for Stephen Solesbee and Amy, his fiance, on Sunday, December 3rd, from 2pm - 3:30pm in the CLC  They are registered at Belk & Target




Ridgeway-Cook All Comers SS Class

On Thursday, December 7th, we will be going to The Galley on Lake Hartwell.  Everyone is welcome to go.  Just let Shirley or Harold Bagwell know by December 2nd.  We need a firm number for our reservation at 6:45pm.  The bus will leave the church at 5:30pm.  The Bagwell's number is 847-9416



Sit 'n Stitch

Please note that the Sit 'n Stitch Group will not meet again until after the first of the year.




Words to Ponder

In Chase the Lion, Mark Batterson writes that in 1983 Lorne Whitehead published an article about the domino chain reaction. You can picture it in your mind, can't you? You knock over a domino, and it sets off a chain reaction that can knock down hundreds of dominoes in a matter of seconds. But the unique significance of Whitehead's research was discovering that a domino is capable of knocking over a domino that is one-and-a-half times its size. So a two-inch domino can topple a three-inch domino. A three-inch domino can topple a four-and-a-half-inch domino. And a four-and-a-half-inch domino can topple a … well, you get the point.

By the time you get to the eighteenth domino, you could knock over the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Of course, it's leaning so that's not fair. The twenty-third domino could knock over the Eiffel Tower. And by the time you get to the twenty-ninth domino, you could take down the Empire State Building.

In the realm of mathematics, there are two types of progression: linear and geometric. Linear progression is two plus two equals four. Geometric progression is compound doubling. Two times two equals four. If you take thirty linear steps, you're ninety feet from where you started. But if you take thirty geometric steps, you've circled the earth twenty-six times!

Faith isn't linear. Faith is geometric. Every decision we make, every step of faith we take, has a chain reaction. And those chain reactions set off a thousand chain reactions we aren't even aware of. They won't be revealed until we reach the other side of the space-time continuum.

Adapted from Mark Batterson, Chase the Lion (Multnomah, 2016), pages 169-170