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Youth: On July 18th, we'll be going to Carowinds for the day. Tickets cost $35. That includes admission into Carowinds as well as the water park. If you would like to go, please sign up and pay for your ticket by July 15th. 


Children:  On July 17th, all children are invited to join us for a trip to Sky Zone. The cost will be $12. Please sign up and pay by July 15th, if you plan to go. We will leave at 11am and return by 1:45pm. The sign up sheet is located in the church lobby.


                  This Sunday, July 15th, we will meet at 5:00 pm to discuss our upcoming Back Yard Bible Club at the Brookdale Park. We will meet in the CLC to discuss our plans for the week. 


Sun., July 15:       9:15   Prayer Room

                             9:45   Sunday School

                           11:00   Worship Service

                           12:00   Luncheon to benefit the Stone's Mission

                             5:00   Back Yard Bible Club Meeting in CLC

                             6:00   Youth Small Group 

                             6:00   Evening Service


Tues, July 17:    11:00  Children to Sky Zone


Wed., July 18:              Youth to Carowinds

                             6:30  Prayer & Discipleship

                             7:15  Adult Choir Rehearsal  


Fri., July 20:       7:00  Friday Night Bible Study in Daniel  



this week's    Birthdays



July 17 - Charles Brooks

        19 - Margaret Frazier

                Leeanne Holcombe

        20 - Holly Lecroy









Nursery Workers



July 15

Jean Porter & Diane Lopez




July 22

Kyle & Karen Sweat

Nursery Coordinator:  Shandi Pack (982-3302)





Ray Bunton (847-9831)




               Wednesday Night Summer Schedule

                                           6:00pm                                     Youth Meeting/Activities

                                           6:30pm                                     Adult Prayer & Discipleship

                                           7:15pm                                     Adult Choir Rehearsal




HOMEBOUND                    Marcelle Barr

OF THE WEEK                     Call office for address                                                 





JuLY 8, 2018


Sunday School                                                                                                        86

Budget                                                                                                       $4,705.00

Building Fund - Reg & In Memory                                                                 205.00

Back Pack Ministry                                                                                          100.00

Ceiling Tile Project                                                                                       1,000.00

Operation Care                                                                                                117.00


Total Offering                                                                                            $ 6,127.00


Budget Income to date:                                                                         $198,744.74

Budget Disbursements to date                                                              $186,743.17

Operating Budget:                                                                                  $52,142.64


Contributions given to Building Fund and Ceiling Tile Project

in memory of Lorraine Robinson, Bennie Cobb

and Charles Creamer.


Thank You

Dear Church Family,

Words cannot express our deep gratitude for everything you have done to care for and comfort us during this difficult time.  From the many kind visits and words of solace, to the hugs of love, to the food that nourished and kept us going.  Thank you especially for the delicious food you brought after the service.  It was wonderful and a blessing in and of itself.  Mom love her church and her church family.  Your loving return of her love will be remembered forever.  Many blessings to each and everyone of you.

                                                                                                                             Donna, Debra & Charlie Robinson



Notes of Appreciation

Thank you to Georgia and all the kitchen crew for the delicious meals they provided for everyone during this year's VBS week.

Also, thank you to Mike & Rita Brown and Terry & Barbara Solesbee (and anyone else helping out) for keeping the flowers around the church grounds watered and looking so pretty.




Luncheon for Missions

Sunday, July 15th

WMU is sponsoring a benefit luncheon for the Stones to help them stay in Guatemala to share the Gospel.  The menu will consist of Chicken Strips, Green Beans, Macaroni & Cheese as well as a smorgasbord of desserts, rolls and tea. Stay after church, enjoy fellowship and a good meal while showing love and support for Gary & Lily.  There is no charge for the meal.  All donations will go to the Stones.




Friday Night Bible Study in Daniel

Our on-going, bi-weekly Friday night Bible study with Jim Reeves will meet again this Friday, July 20th.   We'll  continue our verse by verse study through the book of Daniel. The study begins at 7:00 pm and will meet in the old fellowship hall.  




Youth and Children's Summer Activities

Youth Dates


7/11:  Meet at Church

7/18:  Carowinds

7/25:  Pool Party

7/29:  TNT/Palmetto Baptist Association Youth Service

8/1:    Meet at Church

8/8:    Meet at Church

8/15:  Bubble Soccer

8/22:  Back to School Party

Children Dates


July 17th:              Sky Zone (depart at 11am/return by 1:45pm)  $12.00 cost

July 23rd-27th:    Back Yard Bible Club

Aug. 14th:            Ice Skating




WMU sponsoring

Vicki's Closet

The Sisters in Christ WMU group is collecting new and gently used clothing/shoes for the students in our Awana and Youth Programs. We want to have items for the parents to be able to come and pick out for their kids. Every child wants a new outfit for the first day of school and we want to help parents do this for their children. To donate, contact Misty Moore or Kristen Lopez

In memory of Vicki Lewis, the closet will be named "Vicki's Closet". This is a ministry that we pray will honor her memory and her servant heart. We must be the hands and feet of the gospel in our community.




Words to Ponder

On December 4, 2017, 400 musicians gathered in the 23rd Street Armory of Philadelphia to perform "Symphony for a Broken Orchestra" by David Lang. The orchestra included amateurs, professionals, and even members of the storied Philadelphia Orchestra. The youngest performer was a nine-year-old cellist; the oldest, an 82-year-old oboist. It might have been the most diverse orchestra in America.

The 400 brought with them broken instruments: a trumpet held together with blue painter's tape, a violin with no A string, a bow that had lost most of its hair, a cello carried in multiple pieces. You see, the government had cut funding for music programs in public schools, and many school instruments fell into disrepair. But Lang made something beautiful of them.

As the musical piece opened many of the instruments were silent, but gradually they found their voices—while a trumpet might not be capable of a sound, the keys could tap a rhythm; the scraping of a bow over the silhouette of a violin body could add an unusual element. At one point, a cellist made noise by turning a stringless peg. As the 40-minute symphony progressed, the instruments roared to life. Some musicians struggled, like a clarinetist who could get out only short spurts of sound and a French horn player who kept losing his mouthpiece. But together, the orchestra produced rich harmony. The music was playful and joyous. As the performance wound down each section bowed out one-by-one, until all that remained was the humble squeal of a broken clarinet.

In the church each broken instrument adds its own voice to the symphony. The best that some can do is simply tap or squeak, but with each other the orchestra produces a joyful song of praise under the hand of the Director.

Jeff Arthurs, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary; source: Joshua Barone, "A Symphony Breathes Life Into 400 Broken School Instruments," The New York Times (12-4-17)