Studying the Bible for Yourself

Bible study is something that should bring a better understanding of God and how He impacts our lives.  I want to help you if you have never studied the Bible for yourself by giving you a chance to go through Ephesians or Luke along with me.   I help you with some questions to think about and try to help you understand cultural things and groups that you will meet along the way.  But you will do most of the study yourself, allowing the Holy Spirit to show who God is and the impact He can have in our everyday lives through studying His words for you.

You can choose either study by going to one of the links below.  Just follow along with the blog to the next study listed on the side.  The Luke study is 115 days and the Ephesians study is 19.  May God use your time with Him to help you better understand His love and how He can use you each day.

In His Love,   Brad Bardin

Bible Study for Luke

Bible Study for Ephesians